Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The West Wing

I've started work on the second of the Oberon Wood houses.

If you recall from the last time these are built in two distinct blocks and it is the smaller, west facing half that I have begun with.

Although he dimensions are the same there are a number of variations in the size and layout of the windows.

This is the rear elevation and you can see that the new one, on the left, has a door on the ground floor whereas the other one on the right does not.

Similarly at the front, the new one, on the right,  has a much smaller window upstairs that its next door neighbour.

At the moment I just have the three sides you can see prepared.

The fourth wall, which faces onto the railway in Goat Cutting, is different again. It has three windows, two downstairs and one upstairs, which I will have to cut out.

The first house has a blank wall on this elevation because the houses are positioned close to one another.

However the upside of this arrangement is that the big wall, on the eastern side of this new house is blank whereas the first one had quite a number of windows including the rather complicated bay window I wrote about previously.

Swings and roundabouts....

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