Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Green Green Grass Of Home

We've fielded a lot of questions over the years about what we use for the long grass on our layouts. (Fielded - geddit?)

The answer is we use old hairy carpet underlay, teased out and treated to a bath of cold fabric dye.

Here is the latest batch of grass out to dry on the real grass at Bron Hebog HQ.

It seems this type of underlay is getting harder to track down. We have been kept supplied by a very kind fellow modeller who gave us some from his personal stockpile.

Himself tells me this new batch has come out slightly darker than previous lots - how long to leave it in a bucket of dye is not really an exact science - but we should be able to blend it in with some of the lighter stuff.

With static grass applied on top it shouldn't really show.

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