Thursday, 8 May 2014


The observant among you may have noticed a televisual theme developing in the titles of this and the previous post.

In this case the 24 relates not to whatever kind of dramatic scenario was being played out on the goggle box (don't ask me - I've never watched it) but house number 24 in the Oberon Wood estate.

This is the fourth of the houses we have tackled so far, and once again I am fortunate to have a set of beautiful hand-drawn plans from the Artistic Director to work from.

This is the most complicated of the properties I have tackled so far.

As you can see in the picture the front aspect of the house has three steps and the outside wall of the double garage is faced with stone which I will have to scribe onto styrene sheet.

I'm waiting on a new delivery of 60" sheet before I can cut the main side walls but I'm using up the scraps that I have by making two of the sections on the front.

The rear will be even more of a challenge as it is the first of a number of houses in this row to feature a long, gallery-style window tucked in under the eaves.

I'll tell you more about that when I come to it.

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