Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Added Extras

Sad to report that I've discovered a flaw in the Artistic Director's exquisite plans for the latest Oberon Wood house.

As I've written here in previous posts I am building the house in two sections - a north and south wing.

The issue is on the south wing. The plans I was given suggested a roof profile with an equal slope on either side and the top point in the centre of the building, which is how I initially built it.

Then I came across one of my research pictures which shows it is asymmetric.

Fortunately the joy of building in styrene is that you can easily graft extra pieces on and blend them in with some extra solvent brushed over the join and some tactical standing.

When it's finished they'll never know. (Except for the fact I've told the whole world here, of course....)

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