Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Complete Whitewash

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Himself is getting rather impatient these days.

He wasn't prepared to wait for some squared styrene sheet to come back into stock so ended up scribing his own for the patio and steps around the latest house on the layout.

Now he has concluded that there's a much better chance of this third house getting painted before the summer is out if he gets out his brushes rather than waiting for the Artistic Director to get around to it.

(The first two houses were handed over many weeks ago but have yet to resurface)

This is the result of his efforts.

He's used acrylic paint, just like the Artistic Director does, but I hope Himself won't be offended by a gentle observation that, although exceptionally neatly done, the house might not have some of the very subtle weathering effects that Francis can achieve.

As the buildings are not fixed in place yet I hope that it may be possible to tempt the Artistic Director into action to retrospectively distress it and make it look a little less brand new.

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