Friday, 2 May 2014

More On The New Board

Himself has been busy getting the scenic formers in place on the new board and fixing the trackbed on its supports.

The round area on the right hand side of the board, which looks for all the world like a helipad, is in fact the flat area for the other side of the farm crossing.

Once again all the scenery supports, which have been cut and shaped out of plywood and which  have been drilled for lightness in the style of an airframe - which is a bit of a joke considering the cutting will be lined with real rock - but I suppose every little helps.

You can see how the trackbed on this board will transition in a very short distance from a very deep cutting to an embankment by the time it reaches the other end.

Unfortunately I have to report that Himself was injured in the line of duty - he cut finger when the pull saw slipped. That ended the work session for the day and the patient reports he self-medicated with a pint of beer.


  1. I hope the Artistic Director retained the Beer can for further use in your carriage building. I would not like to see you have too consume another can in the future just to complete a model!!!!
    Mine's a pint hic!

  2. I can assure you Himself & the Artistic Director would only be caught consuming beer from a can in the most dire emergency! Strictly cask or bottle for those two.

  3. I've got a video taken from the footplate of K1 going through cutting mawr, down to Beddgelert if you're after some 'reference material'.