Friday, 16 May 2014

Working To A Deadline

Himself tells me we have a new incentive - or perhaps a threat, depending on how you see it - to get Bron Hebog finished.

Another exhibition invite has flooded in for April 2015. I won't say where, except that it is somewhere to the south of London, because it's not confirmed yet.

However the invite came with a rider that they are only interested in having the layout at the show if it is finished by then.

Of course, as every modeller knows, there is no such thing as a 'finished' layout but I am supposing the definition in this case is that at the very least the trackwork should be complete and all the scenery should be there and be green.

Himself has chosen to take this up as a challenge and is maintaining his impressive rate of progress.

The latest update I've received includes this snap of the most recent board with a coat of plaster having been brushed onto the Mod Roc.

Himself tells me this board is already starting to get 'rather heavy' and he hasn't added the rock lining to the cutting yet!

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