Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time For A Trim

Some of that new carpet underlay I showed you a few days ago being dried after a dunk in a bath of green dye is now being fixed in place on the layout as the first layer of long grass.

It looks pretty long and tufty at this stage but a lot of it will be pulled off and other bits given a short back & sides in due court to leave a much thinner covering.

This board is the first of the new ones we have been working on this year.

To help you orientate, what you're looking at is the middle section of the S bend. The camera is at the Porthmadog end. Beddgelert station would be over to the right of the picture and the track coming towards is about to take a big sweep to the left and enter the big U bend.

Do you know where you are now?

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