Monday, 3 June 2013

Back In Action

I have shamed Himself into a return to the modelling bench.

Most of the last month was frittered away with building a signal box on the real FR and lazing about on a Greek Island - such are the joys of semi-retirement it seems.

He arrived back on these shores, however, to find a box containing the WHR P-Way Tool Van and seemed somewhat taken aback when the reply to his question, "What am I supposed to with this?" was a simple: "Paint it!"

So he has - or at least the first coat.

There is currently a debate raging about whether the maroon colour should be the WHR carriage red, seen here in the pic, or the darker shade we used on the Romanian ballast wagon, which is described as EWS Red?

I think we're moving towards agreement on the darker option.

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