Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Getting Darker

Himself has really been cracking on with the WHR Tool Van.

Its had a darker shade of maroon applied (EWS colour according to Railmatch) and most of the metal work has now been picked out in black and various steps and rails in bright yellow.

I'm told some of the lighter red is still showing through so it may need another coat.

I think it's looking very good indeed, although Himself tells me the finish comes complete with cat hairs. (The moggy was apparently having a rave with his pals in the modelling room while Himself was on holiday)

1 comment:

  1. As this van is about to have an overhaul this year thefact that the lighter colour is comming through I would say is not a bad thing. I believe the deck is likely to get some sides during its refit and will most likely come out the same colour as the Brake van.

    Also all of the Sandstone B wagons have had their headstocks and Vac pipes each end painted black.

    And we have a new flat wagon DZF 2005 which is now painted red oxide with head stocs black along with Diamond bogies black with springs picked out in yellow.

    yust thought id warn you