Friday, 21 June 2013

Corrections & Clarifications

A regular reader is concerned that I have been misrepresenting matters regarding Himself.

This is a serious charge to level against a time-served member of the Fourth Estate (Radio Division) so before Lord Leveson sets about reconvening his inquiry I believe I should set the record straight

I may have misled you in a previous post if you took literally my comment that Himself has been confined to his modelling room.

This, it transpires, was a false statement because he has, as a matter of fact, surfaced in North Wales and my source - who, of course, must remain anonymous according to the ethics of my profession - leaked this photograph of Himself assisting with the construction of the new signal box at Porthmadog Harbour Station last weekend.

We trust that this lapse has not spoilt your enjoyment of this blog.

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