Tuesday, 11 June 2013

In The Gutter

Almost there now on the first pair of Oberon Wood houses.

One of the final niggles was to fit the guttering.

This is always problematic, I find. There are not many commercial products on the market.

Wills do a nice pack of plastic building details including gutters and downpipes. The pipes are good but the gutters are not hollow - they are solid semi-circle sections - and if I was looking for something like this then the easiest thing to do would be so use some Evergreen half rod strip.

Fortunately these houses appear to be fitted with more modern square shaped gutters so I have used some channel section, again from the Evergreen range, which I think looks quite effective.

The downpipes are simply plain square strip of the appropriate size.

I've got the first of the houses done but have run out of the right size to do the other which will have to wait a week or so for fresh supplies to arrive.

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