Saturday, 1 June 2013

More Moulds

I'm feeling confident enough to press ahead with making some production moulds for the ballast wagon kit.

I was holding off until I saw the prototypes for the cogs and brackets of the ballast door mechanism which is being etched by Narrow Planet, just in case it required any changes to the design for the chassis or the main side piece of the wagon.

Having see the first test etch, however, I'm very confident that the finished version will fit without any changes to the resin cast components.

Laid our here, for your entertainment, are all the masters required to make an NGY wagon..

The only mould that actually requires to be remade is the main side piece, which includes the hopper and the frame, because I have added the resin transfer rivets since I made the prototype mould.

For all the other bits I do have moulds with plenty of casting 'life' left in them but given the number of advance orders I have taken for the kit there's no harm in having a second set because I will need them soon enough.

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