Thursday, 2 April 2015

Linked Detached

I've been building this new house to a deadline of the Crawley exhibition later this month.

Not to get number 22 finished but to send the next door property, number 23, down to Himself so it can be temporarily located in its place on Bron Hebog for the show.

The difficulty is that the two houses are linked by a short section of garage wall which must locate in exactly the right position.

To do this I really need to have both models to hand which means I can't put number 23 in the post until I've cut, scribed and glued this wall into place.

As you can see it's only a short section of wall and it only took a couple of hours to carve all the stonework.

The other vital job if it was to be placed in position correctly was to add the foundations to the new house to ensure they are both sitting at the same height.

Now this is in place I'll be able to carry on building number 22 on its own and 23 can be sent on its way, although I'll have to have it back to finish it off with the gutters and downpipes before it can be fixed in place permanently on the layout.

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