Wednesday, 8 April 2015

River Tree Planting

Eventually there are going to be a lot of trees on Bron Hebog, but for the moment Himself is concentrating on populating small areas such as the banks of the Afon Cwm Cloch which flows from back of the back of the layout to the front.

At the moment only the north bank has been treated. In time there will be trees on the right hand side of the lane as well creating a sort of green tunnel.

Even at this stage I think this lane scene is beginning to look very effective. It would be great to hear what readers who know the area well make of it.

Himself has also been experimenting with some white paint effects on the river water to give it more of a sense of movement.

This is the view from the rear of the layout as the operators will see it.

I hope if you manage to come along to the exhibition in Crawley this weekend you'll be able to give the team some feedback on how Bron Hebog is coming along. You can leave comments here on the blog or on our Facebook page and Twitter feed - just search for Bron Hebog.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it's really beginning to look just like the area. When we stay in Beddgelert it's a part of an evening stroll to walk along these lanes across the top above the reverse curves and then back down into the village via the Royal Goat by walking inbetween the houses you are currently building. The whole feel and look is very accurate . Hope to see the layout at the WHR in September.