Thursday, 30 April 2015

Return Of The Bogie Man

That's right, I'm still soldering & folding bogies!

I'm pleased to say I am more than half way through the mammoth task, though.

There are 18 of the cast Bettendorf bogies to be produced. 12 have already been assembled with the brass frame and the resin details on top.

Tonight I soldered up the final batch of six.

It's a more enjoyable task than the foutery business of filing and fitting the resin parts because there's that element of jeopardy with the hot iron and the satisfying sizzle of the flux evaporating.

After these are done I've just got five sets of diamond-frame bogies which are much less hassle to put together because its quicker and easier to cut out and glue on the separate axle boxes and the suspension castings.

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  1. work faster. You know who I am LOL