Friday, 10 April 2015

Number 22 Takes Shape

So, tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day! The first exhibition appearance of Bron Hebog in 2015 at the Crawley show..

We very much hope to see you there. Click on the Exhibition Diary page for details of the show.

I won't be able to make it along but Himself and the Artistic Director will be there to take charge.

Instead I've been concentrating on getting more done on the latest Oberon Wood house (22).

The 'south wing' is now attached and the basic shape of the full house can be appreciated for the first time.

This is the view from the front - the public viewing side.

And from the rear, which will very rarely be seen as it backs straight onto the cutting leading into Goat Tunnel.

And this final view shows how it sits in relation to its neighbour - they are joined at the garage but there is a small gap between the outer walls of the main bodies of the houses.

This is the sixth house I've built for the Oberon Wood scene - by my reckoning there could be as many as ten more to make....

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