Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Floor Show

Over the Easter weekend I got a bit more work done on the contract job for a model of FR buffet car 114.

Having shown you the body shell in a previous post, this time I'm concentrating on the floor / chassis unit which will remain removable after the model is finished.

The seats are resin castings, using moulds I developed last year for the same customer.

In this carriage only have half the space is given over to passengers and I've yet to work out what needs to in the buffet area - I don't have any images to work from.

The underframe has a new innovation for me.

These Carnforth carriages have very distinctive truss rods made out of square tube section.

I've got an idea they might double as the vacuum brake pipes, but I could be wrong in that?

On previous models I've made these by fabricating each one out of styrene strip.

This time I hit on the idea of making a master and casting resin copies of it, with the idea they'd have more strength and durability and I think they've turned out very well.

The carriage will run on my own design of modern FR bogies with fold-up brass frames with resin covers.

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  1. I've sent you an email - have have some photos of 114's interior from a few years ago