Sunday, 2 August 2015

Black Magic

it quite often feels as if painting a model takes longer than building it!

It took me most of a week to get this far with the water tank wagon.

The one picture does not do justice to the number of processes which have to be gone through.

First the sections were sprayed with a primer. In this case it was red oxide because I didn't have any grey or white to hand.

This was fine for the tank body which received its all-over black from an aerosol can, but the grey on the frame, which was hand painted, required two coats.

Then the saddles had to be picked out in black, as well as underneath the frame.

Then the grey had to be touched up where there were any stray bits of black, then the black re-touched......and so it goes on until you're satisfied it's as neat as it's ever going to be.

The finish line is in sight, however, and I can say with confidence that it will be appearing at Dinas next month.

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