Saturday, 29 August 2015

Testing, Testing - 2 Weeks To Go

Himself has erected the scenic bit of Dduallt to check it all still works and all the bits like trees and signals are still in place ahead of the show at Dinas.

A fortnight from today we'll be there running Dduallt and Bron Hebog side by side in the old NWNGR goods shed for what might possibly be the only opportunity you'll ever have to see them together.

Apart from some track adjustments at some board joints it runs well, and at nearly a quarter of a century old I reckon that's quite a tribute to the builder!

There was one fault which left Himself scratching his chin for a while.

On the control panel are push buttons which return the home signals to Danger to permit wrong line running in the Down direction but they weren't working.

To begin with he thought perhaps a diode had blown somewhere but eventually it dawned on him that for some reason, which he's long since forgotten, he took the feed for this function from the upper fiddle yard, which at that stage wasn't attached!

The observant among you may also notice the presence of our 2nd Conway Castle at the head of the push-pull rake.

The loco got halfway through the paint shop earlier this year but the process became stalled.

Himself was talking about using the remaining days before the trip to Wales to complete painting some of the rolling stock that is currently unfinished so there is still a chance it may make an appearance at Dinas.

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