Thursday, 27 August 2015

Great Gables

As if cutting out two dozen windows wasn't tedious enough I've moved onto something that takes even longer on the farmhouse project - scribing the stones on the gable end walls.

I'm not attempting to create a stone-by-stone match for the real wall, because that way surely madness lies, but I do aim to create something that looks vaguely like it.

The main feature of the wall is that it has a few quite large stones here and there so I'm aiming to get that effect.

I don't have a particular scribing strategy, it's more like a kind of scratch doodling - one stone leads to another stone until the whole of the wall is filled up.

What you're looking at is one evening's work - I reckon there's another two to go on this one and then there's the other gable end to do.

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