Tuesday, 25 August 2015


With just over a fortnight to go until the Welsh Highland Great & Small (2) show at Dinas it's time to stop construction and start the preparations.

That includes giving Dduallt a once-over to ensure that it's in a fit state to be exhibited again.

The layout hasn't been exhibited for about 4 years we reckon, so over the weekend Himself got out the Fiddle Yards and tested that they all worked as they should.

Among the functions to be checked was the route-setting logic, the point motors and the working of the traversers at each end.

Himself reports that all seems to be working well.

The final job was to give them a quick lick of paint around the outside to ensure they're in a fit state to be seen by the public.

The next job is to check the pretty bit - I'll have some photos of that to show you in a few days I hope.

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