Monday, 10 August 2015

Blank Spaces

I have started work on Cwm Cloch Farmhouse having received the drawings from the Artistic Director last week.

This is the project that I have been saving myself for and will be my sole focus in the remaining few weeks leading up to the layouts being shown at Dinas.

After working on the very complex Oberon Wood houses for the last couple of years it is a relief to get back to a traditional and straightforward dwelling.

Although the farmhouse is substantial is is essential just three connected boxes - not the convoluted jigsaw of the modern houses.

With Oberon Wood I had to build them by finishing each piece in turn and building up the structure bit by bit.

On the farmhouse, I have the luxury of being able to cut out all the blank pieces in one go with utter confidence that they will all fit together as they are supposed to.

So what you see before you here is all the component parts of the walls of the house.

The next stage is to cut out the window apertures.

That won't be so simple because there are rather a lot of them!

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