Saturday, 15 August 2015

Loaves And Fishes

Exhibiting both Bron Hebog and Dduallt at Dinas next month is going to require a lot of thought in rolling stock distribution between the two layouts.

Even when the two railways were disconnected there was an element of FR stock being shared with the WHR and ever since the '40 Mile Railway' became a reality that process has accelerated.

In modelling terms we have done our best to keep pace with the construction of new carriages, and restoration of locomotives as we built Bron Hebog, but we did not necessarily make duplicates of the FR stock which operates on the railway, failing to foresee a situation where we would have to operate them simultaneously.

So how are we going to get by over the Super Power weekend?

Well fortunately we have managed to keep pace with a lot of the FR carriage refurbishment programme so, for example, we have models of the 1st generation observation carriages 100 & 101 as well as their replacements 100 & 102.

We also have four of the new 'Super Barn' carriages, the service carr 124 and Stefco's 122.

Locomotive-wise we have modern interlopers like Lyd which were only being dreamt about when we started building Dduallt in the early 1990's.

So my plan is to conserve rolling stock by running Dduallt in an early 1990's configuration.

This means we can keep back locomotives like DLG, Taliesin, Vale of Ffestiniog, Lyd and Palmerston to bulk out the train roster on Bron Hebog along with the carriages built for the FR over the last 20 years, while hopefully still having enough trains from the earlier era to provide interest on Dduallt.


  1. I did wonder how the stock would be distributed. Sounds like a good plan. I look forward to seeing the newer blue Linda on the push pull set.
    Does this mean your original 14 model might make an appearance?

  2. That depends on whether we have any spare bogies lying around - it is a grounded body at the moment. Shades of Snapper Halt....

  3. Hi Rob
    That's the stock sorted, have you had any thoughts on operators?

  4. Hi Rob
    That's the stock sorted, have you had any thoughts on operators?

  5. Yes, we sorted that out months ago Stuart. Thanks.