Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Second Showing

I'll confess from the start that there isn't anything new to report today.

For the last week I've been banished from my modelling bench on account of Himself occupying the study on a visit north.

On top of that he's had best part of three weeks out of modelling action including a week in Wales working on the FR.

All of which doesn't give me a lot to blog about, but as a time-served member of the Fourth Estate I refuse to be defeated by the mere absence of anything new to report - I'm more than happy to recycle old stories!

So I thought I would whet your appetite for the WHR Great and Small show next month with a reprise of the videos that were shot on the layout the last time we were there two years ago.

That was filmed by the F&WHR's John Wooden with the footage from the moving train filmed using a small camera placed on a flat wagon.

Our second movie is a true miniature driver's eye view shot using a special camera wagon belonging to the the railway's Huw Jones.

Back in 2013 we were only running trains on around half of the layout, the rest of it had yet to be built.

This time, however, Bron Hebog will be on show in its entirety and I'm very much hoping that we will be able to repeat the filming exercise.

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