Wednesday, 25 March 2020

I Might As Well

I wasn’t intending to do this but I suppose there’s no particular hurry just now....

Months ago when I was casting the seats for Gwyrfai I couldn’t be bothered to add on the styrene arm  rests, reckoning that you can’t really see them anyway.

However, yesterday afternoon when I was meaning to begin fixing the chairs into position in the carriage I decided perhaps it wouldn’t do any harm to add them on?

I think it was probably an avoidance tactic so I didn’t have to commit to setting them in position - there’s always something unsettling about the prospect of getting out the Super Glue I find - not a very subtle modelling material at all...

1 comment:

  1. Know what you mean. Is Evostick or epxoy a better bet ? or drill and self tappers from below as a mechanical fitting. I have a loose seat on a G1 model and will have to take apart and pretty certain it will be failed SG to explain! stay safe and happy modelling.