Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Importance Of Model Railways

In times like these when there is so much uncertainty, so much than can leave us fearful, I am reminded what a wonderful hobby model railways is.

It occurred to me as I was stubbornly attempting to force flat styrene sheet into a complex curved valance at the front of Gwyrfai that I’d completely forgotten about the Coronavirus and everything that goes with it.

It doesn’t have to be model trains, of course, because any practical hobby which requires you to focus on a task is brilliant therapy at an anxious time in all our lives.

With it looking like so much of our day to day lives are about to enter a prolonged slumber here in the UK (and elsewhere) it might be that I have more time to spend at my workbench, and if I do I shall be glad of it.

You’ll see from the photo that I’ve also applied and shaped the Milliput dome and I think it’s looking quite good, although a coat of primer will soon expose any flaws.

I think the next big job will be to fit the interior which is already cast.

In the meantime everyone...

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