Sunday, 28 February 2021

The Sea Side

Although it's been a big week for us taking the metaphorical covers off two new locomotives for the fleet, I haven't managed to get that much modelling done myself.

I'm in the middle of delivering another epic voluntary project, which is eating up most of my free time, so I was pleased to be able to get an hour in the study making a start on the other side of Carnforth buffet car 114 - the side which faces the sea when it is on The Cob, otherwise known as the 'engine side' in Boston Lodge parlance. 

This foundation stage is always the most important bit to get right.

You need to make sure it matches the other side in terms of length and height, that the window pillars are perpendicular and a mirror image of those on the opposing side of the carriage when it is assembled.

My next task will be to tease the thin strip into position around the inside edges to form those distinctive window frames on the Carnforth stock.

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