Monday, 29 August 2016

Amazing Glazing

One of the most satisfying aspects of scratch building models is the challenges you have to find solutions to.

A good example of this is the glazing at the front of the observation car 150.

The angle of the bend is such that you need a piece of perspex which keeps its shape rather than something which will spring back flat at the first opportunity.

Initially Himself experimented with heating some clear sheet before bending and then letting it cool, but it left a blemish.

Then he found some sheet which could be bent when cold without marking, but he had a very limited supply of it.

Furthermore,  once you've got the angle correct you've also  got to account for the curve which follows the roofline at the front.

Ultimately he decided to make up two large pieces which have the L shape at the front and extend all the way along the sides of the carriage, meeting in the middle at the central window pillar at the front.

I think he's done a superb job, again.

The only downside is that now he's handed it back to me I've got no excuse not to get on with trying to make the rather fancy first class seats to go in it!

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