Monday, 1 August 2016

Two's A Pair

This feels like the moment when my model of Observation Car 150 properly exists now that I have successfully cast both of the main body side pieces.

The inset entrance doors and the corridor end have already been cast although I haven't lined them up here for the snap.

They're still in fresh out of the mould condition with the very thin film of resin in the windows which is the consequence of the open-backed casting method I use.

This means that the thickness of each cast is likely to vary ever so slightly, which is why I always cut my floor pieces from styrene and I don't offer a full kit with a cast chassis like I do with the wagons.

Because I can't guarantee how thick the body side castings will be, and thus the precise dimensions of the area inside the body, I can't be sure that a cast floor would fit without a degree of fettling.

And it's much easier to trim and shape styrene than a big lump of resin.

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