Monday, 15 August 2016

Top Hat-Trick

I have deposited the body of 150 with Himself so he can form and fit a brass roof for it.

There's not really much more can be done on it until that's in place and then I can add the front window pillar.

A roof will also make it properly rigid because the unsupported top of the body sides are still quite vulnerable.

In the meantime there are some other important jobs I can be getting on with, such as making up the bogies.

I'd delayed doing this because I was 1 top hat bearing short, but when I dropped the carriage off with Himself I was able to raid his stores and procure an unopened packet.

Thus restocked, and with an otherwise empty evening ahead of me, I decided there would be no harm in a little forward planning so I made up three sets in total and cast the resin detailing bits to go with them.

So as well as a set for 150 the plan is that another of them will go under 125, the new service car, which will be my next project, and Superbarn 118 which you may recall I already have the resin body shell parts cast for.

That should keep me out of trouble as the nights draw in this autumn.

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