Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rio Not So Grande

Now the Olympics are over I may be able to get a little more modelling done.

I'm not a massive sports nut but I must confess that in the last two weeks I have succumbed to the temptation to plonk myself on the sofa in front of the TV of an evening and attempt to understand what's going on in various strange disciplines.

(And just why that diving pool turned into a giant garden pond?)

So I'm afraid that all I have to report today is that I've managed to add the sliding windows on the basic sides for 125.

In my defence, it's rather more work that it appears because they're formed out of very fine and flimsy 10 thou strip which needs to be cut and fitted with a very high degree of accuracy.

Now those are in I'll set about adding the second layer of beading detail.

Assuming there's nothing much to watch on the box, of course.....

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  1. I have a reputation for wandering off during the Olympics or Football and either making stuff or cycling. The lattter especially when Germany is playing because the streets are empty.