Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pantomime Horse

The new service carriage 125 is rather unusual in that it is one ended.

That's not unique, on the FR, of course, because the railway is the home of the Observation Carriage.

No, 125 is different because the it's the narrow gauge equivalent of a pantomine horse.

Allow me to explain.

The Caernarfon end - I want to write Bottom End but that's not allowed any more - is pure Super Barn with the inset double doors.

The Blaenau - or Top - end looks like it is derived from the gene pool of the original Barns being full width with no end windows and no entrance doors either.

Most of the carriage, as you will know from previous posts, is being scratch built in styrene.

I can cheat, though, with the bottom end because as far as I can tell it is built like a regular Super Barn and so I can cast those bits.

I feel something of a fraud but I'm sure the feeling will soon pass.


  1. The problem with committee vehicles I guess, best or worst part is behind the louvre doors the RB211 sounding turbo gene set- often noted by passengers as the diesel that powers the train.... will your 125 be sound fitted - also fitting as an after thought as its 40 years of the HST for it to be numbered 125 - it has a passing Valenta feel to it. Great model and why not use resin parts to hand, quite a time saver.

  2. Sound fitted? I do hope you're not insinuating we've gone to the dark side of DCC?!