Friday, 19 August 2016

First Class Roof

Perhaps it was because I uttered the magic words, "There's no rush", or maybe a summer of non-stop garden rebuilding and home-making has brought on withdrawal symptoms, but Himself has knocked up a roof for 150 faster than I'd imagined possible.

What's great is that this time there's no need to post the carriage to the opposite end of the country for us to do alternate bits of work on it, and neither to I have to try and make a judgement on whether its hit the mark with a handful of photographs but I can pop over any time and make a thorough physical inspection.

The really tricky thing with this roof is that the underside has to be made so that it supports and holds the top of the body side in place and locates the top of the glazing.

This is what the flat false ceiling I fit in all the other carriages is there for but because of the huge front windows on 150 which go all the way to the roof line that's not an option this time.

My first thought was that we could solder on brass strips or channel on the underside of the roof but Himself was worried about how the brass might react to the heat and so he's bonded on a layer of styrene so we can use plastic strip instead.

He's indicated that he's not entirely happy with it so I shall make it my business to head over to his place in the next few days and take a look for myself.

Don't worry, I shall be the epitome of tactfulness, as always.

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