Wednesday, 3 August 2016

When I'm Cleaning Windows

With apologies to fans of George Formby here's a quick snap of the two sides of 150 with the resin film / flash cleared from the windows.

This is quite a simple - albeit tedious - task, especially when the mould is brand new and you get a nice sharp edge on the window frames to run the tip of the scalpel around.

It'll be obvious that the thinner the film is the easier it is to trim it out.

You'll have noticed that there is one window which is still filled. This is a small storage area at the end of the saloon.

As it is just a very thin film I shall glue a small piece of  5 thou styrene on the back just to ensure that it doesn't get pierced or ripped over the lifetime of the carriage.

So now there's nothing stopping me fixing on the doors at the end of each side and joining it up into a 3 sided open box.

All I need is an hour's guaranteed peace and quiet to make sure I can do it neatly - this is, after all, a showpiece model.

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