Sunday, 21 August 2016

Running Repairs

Himself has been confined to barracks by some unseasonal Scottish summer weather of late - note I said unseasonal, not unexpected - but that has given him the chance to catch up with some odd jobs which needed doing.

These odd jobs included making good all the cat-related damage to Dduallt.

So the Up Home signal has been uprooted and repaired.

He's going to add some strengthening pieces before inserting it back in position and reconnecting it.

Collapsed  S and T workers have been got back onto their feet.

Fallen trees on the spiral have undergone root canal treatments and been restored to vertical.

Telegraph poles have been spliced back together and the gate by Rhoslyn cottage once again has five bars.

Finally, dozens of sheep that were lying prostrate across the landscape are grazing once again and the area has been cleared of cat hair.

The moggy, by some miracle, has yet to be recycled into a tennis racket...

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