Thursday, 25 August 2016

Straight Down The Middle

So now the vital central window pillar is in place on the front of 150 it's time to pose the question whether we have captured the look of the real thing?

After much discussion we decided to make it out of brass rather than styrene which should have a couple of advantages.

Firstly, and most obviously, it should have much more strength and be much less vulnerable than a piece of plastic.

Himself has also hit on the idea of making the glazing in two parts which will meet in the middle on either side of this pillar rather than attempting to curl a single piece around the inside of the front.

As you can see from the sideways-on shot the brass is fixed so it comes down behind the lower body panel and we will be adding a layer of styrene on top.

It's also worthy of mentioning the fantastic job Himself made of forming the piece of brass strip which sits underneath the front of the roof.

I'm really pleased with how it's turning on, now the pressure's on me to make an interior which lives up to the exterior.

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