Friday, 5 August 2016

Three Dimensions

So, the moment has come.

Time to join the five castings together to see if they resemble carriage 150 in any way.

The first is to fix on some small pieces on the back to set the height of the floor / chassis.

It is possible to do this at a later stage but it is a lot simpler to achieve when you can lay it flat like this.

The problem is that all the excitement of being about to see the pieces come together I forget and have to retro-fit these blocks.

If you were wondering, I set them at 3mm above the bottom of the bodyside which is pretty standard on our carriage fleet.

The next job is to fix the recessed entrance doors at the Blaenau end of each side.

Finally - for now - glue on the corridor end casting.

Most normal carriages would be a box by now, but 150 is not normal, and so for the moment I'm left with a very flimsy structure that I'm going to have to be very careful with.

It will become as rigid as any other carriage once I've got the Obs end piece fixed in place but I didn't want to begin work on that until I could be absolutely certain of the size and shape it needed to be.

It's the modelling equivalent of the chicken and the egg.

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