Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Dissatisfied Customer

A complaint has flooded in!

Last week I cast a set of bogie frames for Vale of Ffestiniog (II) for Himself, but I am informed they are not up to scratch.

The problem seems to be the bottom half, which attaches to the swivelling bogie of the Farish chassis, is shorter than it should have been.

As a result, Himself has decided to use the upper casting, which is fixed to the chassis block, and scratch build a set of the lower parts.

These pictures give a good illustration of how we solved the problem of the bogie frames on the Funkeys being much taller than those on your typical 2mm scale diesel, and I think its quite an effective illusion.

You can also see how he attaches other extra details like the air tanks to the chassis block.

So there you go, that's customers for you. No pleasing them sometimes.

Honestly, who'd be a model manufacturer?

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